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Aframisia enjoy with friends
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A Contemporary Aperitif. A Modern Cape Vermouth.

Our process starts in nature. The Cape Floral Kingdom is what gifts us the diverse range of botanicals; Artemisia Afra, Pelargoniums, Kapokbos “Cape Snowbush”, Buchu, Honeybush and Cape Citrus to mention a few.


The undisputed star of it all is Artemisia Afra, also known as African Wormwood. This is the hero ingredient that shines through in every bottle. We ethically source and harvest these and infuse with Cape Brandy which we blend into site-specific Cape Wines

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50ml Aframisia Cape Vermouth over fresh ice in a tumbler, topped with 150ml premium Tonic. Pick a tasty garnish and enjoy! “50/50 Tonic & Soda is the best”


75ml Aframisia Cape Vermouth over ice in a wine goblet. Top with 100ml Soda and garnish with an orange twist.

Aperitif Alchemy


25ml Cape Amber / 25ml Gin / 25ml Campari. Combine and stir, pour over fresh ice in a tumbler, garnish with an orange twist.


25ml Cape Red / 25ml Gin / 25ml Campari. Combine and stir, pour over fresh ice in a tumbler and garish with an orange peel.

Aframisia Red Vermouth
Aframisia Amber Vermouth
Aframisia White Vermouth
Aframisia Amber Spritz


A Syrah loaded with dark fruit, pepper and spice that marries beautifully on the palate with the Royal Oak Perlagronium and Honeybush botanicals infused with Cape Brandy. Expect further subtle notes of Grapefruit, Mint, Bay Leaf and African Wormwood.


A refreshing Chenin Blanc forward vermouth that has been blended with Cape Brandy infused with Ovata Glentana, Lemon pelargonium as the hero botanicals which give way to a bold finish of Naartjie & African Wormwood.


A fresh, bright, light vermouth where the Cape’s sought-after Chenin Blanc has been blended with Kapokbos “Cape Snowbush”, African Wormwood and Buchu that been imparted with Cape Brandy. Aromas of Passion fruit, Gooseberry with a dry finish on the pallet.


Our Cape Amber Vermouth mixed with premium tonic water to create a refreshing and vibrant cocktail that combines the complex botanical flavours of Vermouth with the crisp and tangy notes of citrus fruits.

Our vermouth is African. Our vermouth is Artemisia.
Our vermouth is AFRAMISIA
Aframisia Wave line.png

Our name is a tribute to the hero ingredient, found in every bottle. Artemisia Afra, also known as, African Wormwood is the key botanical (amongst a bunch of other botanicals!) that gives our Cape Vermouth its distinctive fynbos flavour. We wanted to honour this ingredient, while also honouring the unique, special soil that is its home.

We wanted to create a drink that is a tribute to Cape Town. To do this, we use Cape ingredients, of course, but we also channel intangible qualities that Cape Town offers. We believe - we deeply believe - that Cape Town has a special energy. Borne from the mountain that watches over her. The seas that surround her. The forests and farms that run through her. The rocks and beaches and flowers that cover her. And the people that call her Mother. We borrow from all of this intangible energy, with everything we do at Aframisia. From the sourcing of ingredients, to the appreciation of the soil they grew in, to the world they entered into. It gives us a fundamental respect in the end liquid that we make. The liquid itself, replicates the Cape Town light that washes over our city. 

Mother Nature is our inspiration.The Mother City is simply the stage.

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Aframisia our story
Aframisia Logomark

Aperitif? That’s what they drink in piazzas in Italy, right? Or spilling out of tapas bars in Barcelona. That’s not really for Capetonians, is it? Well…we think it is. We think it absolutely should be.

Aperitif is really just a fancy word for a drink that kicks off the festivities. It’s your opening move. It sets the tone. And, guys, it’s important. We believe there is something special about the moment you order your first drink, surrounded by people you love.

Because, even if you don’t know where the night is going, you deserve to know where it starts.

The key thing to understand here is that the word aperitif describes the moment, as much as it describes what you choose to drink, in order to celebrate it.

With our vermouth, we have created something specifically for this. We’ve got nothing against beer. We love wine as much as the next Capetonian! Gin? Yeah, we like gin. Cocktails are great, too, in the right setting. But this moment…this exact moment…this needs something exciting. This needs an aperitif. It needs an approachable aperitif. It needs an African Aperitif. It needs Aframisia.

In this moment, we are celebrating the unique ingredients Cape Town gives us, sure, but we are really celebrating Cape Town herself. The liquid in the glass is delicious, of course, but this is about more than that. It’s the people you enjoy it with. It’s the view you take in, as you enjoy your first sip.

It’s today’s moment, waiting to be tomorrow’s memory.

So, open a bottle. Open an occasion.

Aframisia is a story about Cape Town and it is a story about you. Because you’re now a part of it.

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